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Showcasing STEWZART

Showcasing STEWZART

Showcasing STEWZARTShowcasing STEWZARTShowcasing STEWZART

Wall art.  It's for your wall, Art !

About Me


My Background

I study art.  It started in high school.  I was a music major in college, but have never been content to do just one thing.  I've been a performer since the age of five.  I've never been afraid of a stage.  Audiences have been kind, though.  I sing, dance, play six instruments, compose and write.  I even help others with art, especially singing or playing the piano.  Then there was architecture,  Thirty-five years of drawing and design, including renderings in watercolor, pen and ink.  Now, I'm doing digital art.  Some like it for wall art.  Some like it for tattoos.


My Mediums

I use many different mediums, such as pencil, computer, music, madness, happy, sadness, and what?  Feelings, ideas, dreams, structures, functions, expression, regression and I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process.   

Would you like it for wall art?   


My Inspiration

I enjoy traveling around Europe in my spare time and some of my pieces are directly influenced by what I see. Most of what I do comes out of the dark recesses of my mind and may be a wish for how things could be.  Some are simply fun little wanderings.  As wall art, it's fun.




Wall Art.  Art you hang on your wall.  My pieces are available as acrylic paintings, giclee, prints, posters, framed or not.  We can even print on wallpaper, tote bags, t-shirts, duvets, and much much more.  Enjoy the site.  When you see something you want for yourself, you can make it yours.