About Me

High School Art Class

Jimi Hendrix music playing on a phonograph, songs like “Purple Haze” as we tried out cubism, wood cut printing, collages and even sculpture out of steel, using an arc welder.  I took all the art classes that they let me sign up for.  I always felt like I was exploring and experimenting.

College Music Major

Not too crazy about music theory class, I made up a few characters which are still around, one being Eyeball Man.

I did take art appreciation and got to see many works of many artists.  Some favorites were Salvador Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet, and more.

Renderings of Buildings

A local church asked my father about doing or getting a rendering of their building done in pen for their Sunday program.  I did one with his guidance and this was in a two point perspective.  It turned out well, they loved it, I got paid, and soon after, my father hired me to work in his architecture/engineering firm, even though I knew nothing about it.

Stewart Design Group

The original Stewart Design Group designed building valued at over two billion dollars in today’s value.  I was there for close to six years and got to know mechanical drawing, architecture, and some engineering.  It was mostly void of any renderings or perspective drawings, but I also did learn to draw and sketch.  An architect from Taipei taught me that.

18 Years in Las Vegas

I could write a book about the Vegas days, but I won’t.  I discovered that i could sketch cartoon characters accidentally, when my daughter asked me t draw some and they turned out much better than I expected.  A few years later, I was offered a job at Disney World in Orlando but turned it down.  I did some non-architectural sketching in Las Vegas and some water color painting but have none to show.

19 Years in Orlando

Almost two decades consisted of 99% music and a little bit of architectural drawings.  Still, drawing is drawing, even when there are tools or Cad systems involved.  It’s an extension of the mind to draw, as it is to sing.  I did a few computer aided graphics and drawings, which are on another site.  11 trips to Europe and visiting major art museums made for inspiration.

4 1/2 Years In Europe

The past three years have been a prolific period of experimentation with computer aided art.  Trips to museums and exhibits, including three trips to TEFAF, a Dali exhibit in Liege, and seeing museums, such as Escher and others in The Hague, keep the pump more than primed.  Most of my work featured on this site is from the last three years.  I do it to entertain–myself and whoever looks at it. I still write music for fun.